We will start by obtaining your specific requirements and formulating a detailed plan, whilst explaining the time line for each activity to give you a better understanding of the processes required here in the UAE. This can be done ahead of your arrival to Dubai via email and telephone or on your initial arrival to Dubai with a face to face meeting.

One of our dedicated consultants will collect and accompany you and your family on a guided tour of the city, explaining how life works in Dubai.

This trip is designed to give you a good feel of the city size, living communities and facilities available. We will visit some sample properties in different communities within your budget and requirements along with supermarkets, parks, sports and recreational clubs depending on your family’s needs and requirements.

One of our dedicated consultants will collect and accompany you and your family throughout the day on your Home Search. We will arrange the viewing of properties to match your budget and requirements. While viewings each property we will also show the amenities in each area and explain the benefits of that area along with the commute time to and from the office and school.
Once a home has been chosen, we will assist with the lease negotiation and terms and conditions, whilst making sure all government required paperwork is in place from the landlord. We will then facilitate the whole process through to the registration of your tenancy contract with the Dubai Government, which is required on all lease agreements in Dubai.
We will also work with the landlord to ensure the property is ready for the tenancy contract start date to ensure a smooth handover and move in. We will provide a Handover Inspection report detailing the condition of the property at the beginning of your lease term. This will ensure you can retrieve your security deposit in full at the end of your lease and are not held accountable for any damage to the property that was present initially.
Please note Enigma does not accept commission form real estate agents or companies

Enigma will assist with the time consuming application processes for:
Ejari (Registration of TC with Dubai Government). Gas. Dewa (water & electricity). Du & Etisalat (TV, Internet & Landline). Chiller (AC). Driving License Transfer. Move In Permits. Liquor License.

According to your needs, we will assist with checking the availability of school places first and arrange interviews,  tours and assessments. We will accompany you on any visits to your preferred schools and assist with the enrollment application process.

Departing a country can be as stressful and time consuming as arriving to a new Country. We will assist with providing the required notice to you landlord to avoid any penalties, closing your utility accounts and being present at the handover of the property back to the landlord. We can also assist with the collection of your security deposits held, which are not always available until sometime after you have departed the county by collecting these on your behalf and transferring them internationally to you at your new destination.

• At Enigma we can provide a program design to develop interest and understanding of middle eastern cultures.

You can reach us at anytime! We’ll find a swift and concrete solution to your problems. Included in our services is the benefit of either our 3, 6 or 12 month help desk depending on the program you have chosen.

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