About Us

Enigma Relocation is an Independent Relocation company established in 2005. It is owned by British Expatriate Debra Notman who has lived in Dubai for many years.  The Company was started a little after Debra first moved to Dubai as she felt the assistance offered to her was lacking in most areas.

Enigma has a dedicated expert team of consultants ready to assist and guide our clients in all aspects of their move. 

Understanding the needs of someone moving to Dubai, along with the processes required to achieve those needs is at the forefront of what Enigma does.  We want to take away the stress by providing solutions, setting expectations and assisting our clients who have the added stress of starting a new job & moving country.  If we can assist with the schooling, Home Search & Settling in process to relieve some of that stress then we have managed to do our job correctly.

We work closely with many large corporate clients along with private individuals providing a personal service to ensure your relocation is successful. We are very proud to also be the recipients of the Cartus “Commitment to Excellence” Platinum Award

Our Motto

“Everything we do is Personal” We don’t want you to feel you are being passed from pillar to post in every aspect so we will appoint one of our fully trained Consultants to assist you from A to Z.

Our Aim

To be recognized as the company of choice when moving to the UAE providing a top quality service at affordable prices.

Our Values

Trust – We want you to be able to put your complete trust in us. We will provide accurate information and set expectations that we are confident we can achieve to earn that trust.
Customer Service – We pride ourselves in providing “Best in Class” customer service.
Keep It Simple – Our aim is to make your relocation to Dubai as smooth as possible.
Respect – Our Consultants understand and respect the local UAE culture while also fully embracing your needs.
Responsibility – We conduct every relocation with the utmost integrity.
Reliability – You can count on us!