Moving to the United Arab Emirates?

Relocating to a new country is more than a career move. It is a challenge for the entire family. It involves uprooting your family, finding the right home in the right area, coordinating utilities, visa procedures and finding the best schools, doctors and dentist. Moving to another country means starting over, often with little or no local knowledge.

Why a
Relocation Company?

A few reasons why you should choose a Relocation company:

To welcome you to your new environment and find you a home.

To ease your move by dealing with formalities.

To help you to understand and appreciate a different culture.


Enigma Relocation is an independent, specialist relocation service, located in Dubai.

Our goal is making the move a positive experience for you and your family, we will solve the annoying issues, so you can focus on your new job and enjoy your new environment.

What more can Enigma offer?

Learn more about our services in detail through our Services page, we provide a wide range of services that range from banking assistance, car search, pre selection of properties etc.


We can also provide the tailored package to suit your needs